Purolett Förbränningstoaletter



Waste free restroom solution - without the need for plumbing.

With the Purolett Combustion Toilet you get the same comfort and convenience in your summer house or trailer, as you would at home. A swedish made product of high quality, designed with the consumer and our environment in mind. 

With the best price on the market! 


Purolett Eco Royalwill, starting from october 2021 come equipped with our new innovative catalytic converter. 
It is also available as an additional option for thePurolett Eco Elit och till alla tidigare sålda Purolett Förbränningstoaletter.Eftermonteras på 5 minuter helt utan verktyg.

Agent i Norge

Här köper du din Purolett i Norge  Royale Nordic AS

Skomakervegen 16  2040 Kløfta         +47 900 16 227        post@alro.no             https://royale-nordic.com/purolett/

                                                                                           Suomalainen,    Finland  

Suomessa Purolett polttavaa wc;tä myy Puuilo.fi verkkokauppa. Purolett;in yhteyshenkilö Suomessa on Tuomo Isto, jonka yhteystiedot ovat: tuomo.isto@gmail.com tai puhelimitse 044-9821342. Tuomo vastaa esille tuleviin kysymyksiin koskien Puroletin polttavaa wc;tä.  http://www.puuilo.fi/purolett-eco-royal-polttava-wc-valkoinen
Purolett förbränningstoaletter går att köpa i Finland hos Puuilo.fi nätbutik. Puroletts kontaktperson i Finland är Tuomo Isto, tuomo.isto@gmail.com eller 044-9821342. Tuomo svarar gärna på frågor gällande Puroletts förbränningstoaletter. http://www.puuilo.se/purolett-eco-royal-forbranningstoalet-vit

En Svensk Förbränningstoalett.
Up to 50% more energy-efficient. For the environment!

With an innovative and well-proven patent-pending solution, Purolett offers: Up to 50% energy savings and a large capacity: up to 12-14 people a day. Equipped with a sleek and powerful fan that is 80% more energy-efficient, with higher capacity and pressure. Which in turn provides the opportunity for a longer and less rigid chimney. Due to this Purolett can be installed in larger number of possible locations of your choosing.

Fördelar med Purolett

Mjukstängande toasits. Manuell timer sparar upp till 50% el. Båda falluckorna öppnar så påsen trillar ner lättare.( Royal) Dubbla värmeslingor (kan användas med en) Högsta kapacitet pga snabb förbränning och största asklådan 9 liter. Slutet luftsystem för bättre inomhusklimat Automatisk kallrasskydd stänger inluften när den inte används ( Tillval Elit). Självrengörande katalysator ( Tillval Elit) Ingen känslig elektronik. Kan stå i ouppvärmda utrymmen även vintertid. Tillverkade i Sverige med lokala underleverantörer därför ett bra miljöval. 3 års garanti på allt. Klarar längre rördragningar. Service befriad endast rengöring. 3 års garanti på allt.

With its closed loop air system, and double heating coils, it is up to 50% faster!

Purolett is one of a kind on the market, powered by double heating coils for efficient combustion. Its closed air system also creates a pleasant indoor climate. This works by taking in the cooling air through a pipe at the back, avoiding ungainly valves on your walls! In our opinion, the closed air system is a must for a pleasant experience and aesthetic.

Purolett Eco Elit

Purolett eco Elit is our base model. Brought to you at a great price.

Equipped with everything you would expect of our product line. Energy efficient, robust and easily maintained! 

With double heating coils, fast and efficient combustion is guaranteed. Its clever time management system allows you to optimize the timer and save on electricity and the environment!




Purolett Eco Royal

The best product we have on the market! With all possible features. Brought to you in a sleek rounded chassi!

In addition to all the features of the base model, Eco Royal also comes outfitted with:
An automatic convection protection system, excellent for winter use. 
A toilet bowl of stainless steel, with a double hinged opening mechanism that opens from two ways, for easier use.
The ability to automatically close the air inlet in accordance with use. Stops the seat from getting cold!


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Feel free to come by our workshop on Konsumentvägen in Älvsjö if you have questions or wish to buy aPurolett

If you wish to visit us, please call beforehand and make sure we are on location! We can be reached at: 08-7920128.