Instruktion hur påse ska läggas i toalettskålen i en förbränningstoalett

How to use a PUROLETT

First open the toilet lid and put in a paper bag. Then use the facilities. To flush, push down the flushing lever, a trap door mechanism opens and empties the contents of the bowl into the combustion chamber.
Then it is time to start ignition by turning the timer to start. At first urine boils away. As soon as it is completely dry, solid waste will ignite and burn away. This leaves some ash behind. The total ash volume amounts to roughly that of a cup of tea, after full use of the Purolett for a month, by an average family. The fan in your Purolett will continue to run after use until the machine has compeltely cooled down.

The only remaining waste is a tiny bit of ash!

And you can of course use it again, while combustion is underway.
PUROLETT has a capacity of 12 to 14 people a day.

if using the PUROLETT at night, you can start combustion in the morning, if the sound of the exhaust fan bothers your sleep.

Alla toapåsar på marknaden passar i din Purolett!​

Always use a paper-bag!
Otherwise you'll be up shit creek without a paddle!


Purolett is equipped with a timer that allows you to fine tune the combustion time. It has a marking pointed at 55 minutes, used as a standard time. But only 35 minutes are needed for liquid waste. If the contents of the bag is extraordinarily large, then simply add 10 minutes. If the machine is used during ongoing combustion, simply add 20 minutes. Also keep in mind you can use the machine at night and start combustion in the morning if preferred. Purolett is easy to use from day one, but for those who want, it is possible to optimize according to their use to save time and electricity!

Flagga i aktern på en båt

Purolett - safe and efficient combustion

PUROLETT burns urine and feces at a high temperature, after which only a small amount of ash remains.
Combustion takes place in a closed chamber and the exhaust is led out through an exhaust pipe. The combustion toilet is a all-in-one system that requires no waste transport or storage. The system is environmentally friendly and hygienic. Combustion toilets are a popular solution for summer homes in Scandinavia, especially in areas without indoor plumbing.

Troligen bäst i test!

Troligen BÄST I TEST !
Vi har testat Purolett utefter de kriterier som etablerats i förbränningstoalettstester och kommit fram till att:
Purolett är billigast.
Purolett har slutet luftsystem.
Purolett har högsta kapaciteten.
Är den enda förbränningstoaletten med dubbla värmeslingor.
Är den är den smidigaste förbränningstoaletten att sköta och laga.
Purolett är energisnål med snabb förbränning.
Med möjlighet till de längsta rören och krångligaste dragningarna på utluften.
Så med andra ord, troligen bäst i test!
Purolett har funnits på marknaden sedan 2016.

Fördelar med Purolett.

+ Made in Sweden
            + Has a closed loop air system
                        + Has automatic an automatic convection protection system
             + Uses double heating coils
  + Clever manual timing system
                         + Kräver ingen regelbunden Service
                                + No fragile and complicated electronics
                       + Can be left unheated all winter
               + Has soft closing seat
                 + The biggest ash chute on the market
                               + The shortest combustion time on the market

PUROLETT instruction manuals

here you can donwload and read PUROLETT manuals in various languages.
Currently available in English, Swedish, Finnish, German and Polish!
Snart även på norska och danska.