New from us! 


Såhär ser katalysatorn ut lös.
En vajer ingår för användning vid installation.

Purolett Combustion toilets now have an innovative catalytic converter system, which with a working temperature of 600c cleans the exhaust and reduces smells from combustion. Thanks to its placement inside the combustion area and its vicinty to the heating coils, the neccesary temperature is achieved. 

The catalytic converter is included by default in our Purolett Eco Royal starting from the first of october 2021. It is also available as an additional option for Purolett Eco Elit and can easily be installed after the fact into all of our models of combustion toilets.


Såhär ser en korrekt installation av katalysatorn ut.
Den Placeras mellan värmeslingorna och ligger tätt emot utluften.


Efter installation tar bara fem minuter och kräver inga som helst verktyg. 
Above is a video containing installation instructions (in Swedish)
The catalytic converter only requires simple but regular cleaning, which you can perform yourself with the use of a vaccuum and a knife. 
The catalytic converter is available in our webshop or at your closest retailer. Costs 1875:- (SEK)